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About us

aulica -  austrian-lithuanian-culture-association -

The purpose of the culture association, which is located in Weiz (Austria), is an intense cultural exchange between Austria and Lithuania, with special focus on the area of music.


The starting point for the formation of the association was the invitation of the musical director Johannes Steinwender to the International St. Jacob Sacred Music Festival in September 2016. During this festival, exchanges with the State Choir Vilnius, for example with the director Vladas Bagdonas and chief conductor Arturas Dambrauskas, took place. In these encounters an increase of artistic exchanges was discussed - starting with the metier of choir music, for which Lithuania enjoys an excellent world-wide reputation.


Following cooperation and events are currently planned, in preparation or have already been conducted:

“Pastoral Mass”: Austrian premiere of the mass for 8-voice-mixed choir, soprano saxophone, piano and drums composed by Vytautas Miskinis. It was performed on May 6 th 2017 in Hartberg and May 7 th 2017 in Anger by the Chor des KMV Hartberg (Sacred-Music-Society Hartberg), Georg Gratzer – saxophone, Lukas Meißl – piano and Luis Andre de Oliveira – drums; Conductor: Johannes Steinwender.


St. Jacob Festival 2017: two concerts with the Chor des KMV Hartberg (Sacred-Music-Society-Hartberg) on September 1 st and 2 nd, 2017 in Kaunas and Vilnius. The programme will exclusively consist of works by Austrian composers of the 20th and 21st century (V. Fortin, K. Neuhauser, A.F. Kropfreiter, P. Planyavsky, P. Hertel, A. Schaufler, D. Rusch, J. Steinwender..).

Concert with the "St.Cecilias Boys and Youth Choir" in Weiz on August 9th 2018


  • concert tour of the State Choir Vilnius through Austria (Styria). Preliminary talks are in progress. 2 concerts in Hartberg and Weiz are fixed.
  •  September 2019: St.Jacob Festival: concert with Voices Wides
  •  Invitations of Lithuanian conductors and composers to workshops in Austria.
  •  Invitations of Austrian conductors and composers to workshops in Lithuania.
  •  Cooperation with the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (KUG)
  • Expansion to other artistic areas (e.g. orchestra music, ballet). In addition, further discussions with, for example, the Musikverein Kärnten (Carinthian Music Society) and the Wiener Concert-Verein (Vienna Concert-Society) are in progress.
  •  Wiener Concert-Verein: concert with the piano duo Silver-Garburg playing works by Austrian composers

Supportive committee:

Michael Schickhofer (deputy governor of Styria) – Land Steiermark (province of Styria)

Klaus Uwe Feichtinger (member of the National Council) – National Council, Federal Chancellery

Richard Dünser (Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, composer, member of the Austrian performing arts society)

Peter Revers (Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz)

Ernest Hötzl (Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Carinthian Music Society, Jeunesse Carinthia)

Johann Christof (Christof Industries, Lithuanian consul in Graz)

Christian Knill (KNILL-Group)

Dr. Doris Maier (Steirische Wirtschaftstreuhand)

Dr. Alexander Starkel (Notar in Weiz)

DI Doris Gasser-Enzensberger (LIEB-Group)

Ing. Michael Winkelbauer (Winkelbauer GmbH)

Marianne Hötzl (Carinthian Folk Music Society)

and many others...